Thursday, February 05, 2004

It has come to my attention (well, more I just realized with a big "doing!" sound in my head) that I never mentioned the lovely lunch I had with Marie several weeks ago.

Finally, after like four months, we were able to agree on a date and meet up for omlettes at Crepe Vine on College. The food was yummy; the company was even better, and my room is now free of all Christmas-presents-waiting-to-be-given! Yeah!!!

Marie put up with my weird little ways, including missing the first two weeks of school/rush and going home every weekend, and still wants to be my friend...all while maintaining an ever-current-never-over-the-top sense of style. Amazing!

In other news, I was sick again yesterday...I think the ITP is trying to remind me that I'm not "normal." It's true, I'm not. Still, I like to meander through life forgetting that I have a spleen that doesn't recognize my own platelets...I may have a decent level of intelligence, but my spleen is downright paranoid! Dang!

I think I'll feel better, overall, when I can sink into the culture of a single place. Working in Berkeley but not living in F-town but not working's confusing. I can't keep track of what's going on, what matters. It's hard to get caught up in small town life when I spend sixty hours a week away from it.

Did I mention it took me 3 hours to get home on Tuesday? THREE HOURS! To go 40 miles! Ridiculous!

Okay, that's my shout-out, a rant, some random know, the usual!

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