Monday, February 09, 2004

For some reason, perhaps the lovely weather over the weekend, I've been thinking a lot about San Diego. I know that with the fires just a couple of months ago, the area hasn't been in the best of shape of late.

So, here's a brief list of the things I found charming about SD:
*Balboa Park - the museum, the Japanese Garden, the organ concerts on Sunday afternoons throughout the summer
*The fact that it was actually pretty easy to navigate using a map
*Ten Dollar baseball seats were REALLY GOOD (of course, the stadium is now gone...but I can appreciate the fact that just last summer, there were good seats available for the price of two coffees at Starbucks...and pretty good ballpark food, too)
*SHOPPING (Loehmans, that cool open air mall....I get all happy just thinking about it)

And who can forget:
*The's there for the using!

I would love to let my dogs run on San Diego's beaches...J.J. would enjoy the warm water, Bailey wouldn't look at us with that "are you completely insane, this water is COLD" look on his face...I think they'd like the climate. Pauvres...

Okay, that's all, a pretty vague ode to San Diego...but thinking about walking around in that next-to-perfect weather makes me even happier than thoughts of shopping :)

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