Tuesday, January 20, 2004

A year ago, I was in Boston.
This is the first winter in my life (well, since age 3, anyway), when I am not in school.

On that note, I bring you a list:

Things I miss about Boston (amazingly enough, yes, there are some):
* H&M
* Filene's basement
* Walking by Government center every day, wandering the downtown area, looking in the little shops and marvelling at finding things made in California
* Mike's Pastry
* Working at the radio station
* Having my own space

Things I do not miss about Boston:
* The weather (blaaaaccchhhhh)
* Getting stuck underground on the T, smashed against the doors of a smelly train, with no room to breathe or turn around, with dozens of stinky people smashed in with me, wondering why I didn't just walk, then remembering the several inches of snow on the ground
* The three hour time difference between Boston and California, thus forcing me stay up late to have conversations with people using their cell phone "anytime minutes"
* Being away from everyone I love (Mama, Daddy, friends, pets...everyone!)
* Having to lug all my groceries from the (over-priced) supermarket to my apartment
* Having my own space

That's alll...just some mindless drivel...

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