Friday, January 16, 2004

The babble of a frustrated admin assistant....

People with college educations should be able to figure out how to work basic office equipment. Don't be afraid of the little screen on the Xerox Machine. It usually shows you just what it needs, I have a job, because you don't know how to read the screen, but it is frustrating to hear "The machine is jammed," only to find that a paper drawer isn't closed all the way. People, come on, now, it's just not that complicated.

Was I born innately knowing how to handle computers/fax machines/copiers? I don't think fact, I yell and cuss at the machines as much as the next girl, but first, I make an attempt to fix the thing. I fiddle. Yes, I fiddle.

As Mama knows, I am hesitant to read directions, but I usually find a way to fix a problem. This makes me something of a bad teacher, because my methods are usually unorthodox:
"Well, I hit the button twice, then open the other program, close the one I had open before, and THEN start a new document..." (who understands that ?).

Still, I look like a star, because I'm not afraid of the machine.

Come on. Despite appearance to the contrary, we are not living in the world of The Terminator, nor are we living in The Matrix . Or are we?

That would explain the cord running out my butt...

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