Monday, January 26, 2004

Oh, where ever to begin?

I complain a lot...that's my unique trait. It has occurred to me that I don't have much to say to people when I'm happy. I think that it's just a human characteristic to want to hear about the troubles of others - seriously, who wants to sit there and talk for hours about how GOOD life is?

Even women who are overflowing with joy and love at the birth of their children will choose, rather than to talk about the first smile, or that baby smell, to share the horrors (I mean wonders, of course) of gestation, labor, delivery, the post-partum physical stuff. That's what they'd rather talk about! Is that necessary?

But then, what do I have more fun talking to my friends about, the good dates or the bad dates? The bad dates are so much more amusing, and I think it keeps my friends entertained.

Here's a plan. I'll see how quickly this gets old. For the next the next five postings, I will only talk about positive things.

Let's see how THAT goes!

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