Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Sarah's Pillow Book:
Things that make me smile

(an incomplete, but nonetheless fun to write, list):
(in no particular order)

*Knowing that Mommy will be waiting behind the door when I get home
*Thinking about what I want to name my future children
*Talking about oxygen and other fun stuff with Monica
*Outings with Jessica
*Feeling the weight of Marley, solid and warm, at the end of my bed
*Waking up sometimes to find that he has curled himself into the nook of my arm and is sound asleep
*The smell of anything Italian coming from our kitchen (mmmm)
*Taking walks with Daddy
*Sprawling in front of the fire and being immersed in a good book
*For some reason...watching Sex and the City
*As far as reminiscing goes...remembering those nights spent in the black hole that is the dining room at AOII
*When Bailey (the dog) pushes his butt up against my legs and turns to look at me expectantly
*Timmy's meow
*Whenever Claudia squeezes in between two people and purrs as loud as can be
*A slightly foggy, misty, damp, otherwise icky day when I don't have to go outside
*The smell of the world when the sun is shining after a day of rain
*The beach
*Seeing the smile on a friend's or relative's face when they are really happy
*That amazing warm feeling inside when I realize I am truly loved.

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