Friday, January 23, 2004

Well, after yesterday's highly interesting and thought provoking entry (I'm sure!), it's very hard to follow up with something entertaining and, yes, I'll say it, wonderful. Okay, so OBVIOUSLY, I'm kidding.

Oh my. I have lots of thoughts rolling in my head right now. I'll ponder three of them.

1) I'm actually going to write some "test" articles for a weblogging company that will pay me ('s a start up, so the payment will take a while). The subject: Dating. Now, up until this moment, I have had oodles and oodles of things to say on the subject. Of course, when it comes down to having to write some actual articles, I'm having a massive brain fart. Should I write about online dating? Perhaps I should include my musings on being a third wheel? Thoughts?

2) The other thing in my head right now is that I am enjoying taking things VERY slowly in online dating at the moment. Maybe I'm writing back and forth with someone, maybe not, the whole world doesn't need to know, but for once, I can appreciate going slow (I go back and forth between wanting a guy who will commit and wanting someone who is a little less caught up in the moment).

3) My hair. I have an essay on this that I wrote for a creative writing class. It's called, "My hair is wild and wavy." Today it's a bit more of both than usual, and it leads me to the question that's been rolling around in my head for a couple of weeks now: Where did this hair come from? My dad, if he let his hair grow out, which, thankfully, he doesn't, would have hair like mine. So, I know that I got it from him. Same color. Same texture. Same tendency to have "cowlicks" (as I used to think they were called, maybe they are, are they?). Same weird wavy thing goin'on. But where did he get it? The Irish can have curly hair, and my grandma's Irish, but my dad claims to have it from his father, who is, according to family lore, 100% Polish. Now, where did a Pole get wavy hair? I've been watching The Decalogue, a set of Polish films on the Ten Commandments, and none of those people have curly hair. So, where did a set of supposedly Catholic, Polish people get wavy, bordering on curly, bording on almost turning into dreadlocks at times, wavy hair in their genes? I have some theories, but I'd rather just ask the question. I mean, I already know that the blondes mysteriously turn to brunettes as they age, but the curly hair...well, no one has explained that to me yet.

On another note...where the HECK did I get my nose? Would someone please show me another member of my family with this nose??

Okay, I'm done.

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