Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Christmas was wonderful...I had a fabulous time laughing and crying with Mama and Daddy. Our trip to the movie theater was unforgettable (as are most things this family does...seriously, Sean was right. These things do not happen to other people).

Thank you Monica and Sean for a fantastic, comfortable evening. I am at my best when I am around you! :)

Now, on to the New Year. It's only the 30th, but I'm hard at work on my resolution - getting my debt paid off in 6 months. Anyone have any ideas?

I already had to skip out on a ski trip with Marie (sorry!). I'm going to be quite the budget, uhm, witch these next few months as I try to get out of what feels like indentured servitude (everything I make goes to someone else until I get my debt paid). SIX MONTHS. That's the goal. I'll keep you posted.

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