Thursday, January 01, 2004


Wow 2004.

Resolution time...and time to really take a look at where my life is going (like I don't do that every day, anyway). I'll turn 24 this year, and there are some life goals that I intend to obtain. I'll leave you wondering.

What I really want to discuss is how wonderful it is to be Catholic, at least in terms of the New Year. I know that other cultures (specifically Chinese) have the new year based on another calendar. Well, Catholics don't have another New Year, but we do have Easter, and, thus, Lent.

Lent (which starts on February 25 this year) presents an excellent opportunity for reviewing your New Year's resolutions - checking to see which ones have fallen by the wayside and which others might need just a bit of tweaking. Lent offers the extra incentive of knowing that you're specifically doing this for God and in Thanksgiving for the suffering of Christ in the desert and on the cross.

As a Catholic, I have the chance now to make some resolutions, but on February 25, I can renew them and really make sure that in 6 weeks, I haven't forgotten everything.


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