Tuesday, December 23, 2003

It's almost Christmas!!

I'm very, very excited.

Now...the latest topic on my mind when I wander down the hallways at work, usually looking at my shoes: Pink Suede Boots

Yes, I want them.

Not a garish or flourescent shade, more of a mauve, really.

To be honest, I'm not sure if such a pair of boots even exist, but in the after Christmas sales (when not trying desperately to replace my lost computer), I will search for them. It is, dun dun duh, A MISSION.

Ahh, and we know what that means!

Okay, this is my one materialistic indulgence of the holiday season - this very blog posting - this very expression of my desire for an utterly useless pair of pink suede boots.

I can't help it. I want them.

Not brown or black. Not even a nice cream color, which might come in handy on those khaki-kind of days.



Thank you.

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