Friday, July 06, 2012

Better Photos: Using Actions

I was excited to learn about some pre-formatted macros that I could download for free and use with Photoshop Elements. The tutorial offered a number of choices, but I started with two sets from the Pioneer Woman. Actions can help me to skip a few steps in making changes to my photos. The one I started with is called "Bring Out the Eyes."

Before I show you the results, I have to talk about Day 27: When too much is too much.  Sometimes Photoshop can go a bit too far.  I may have gone too far with the photo I chose to edit for this part of the tutorial, but I also did so on purpose.  My friend's daughter has gorgeous eyes, but she does this thing they call "crazy eyes," and I wanted to enhance that. I also brightened up the photo using levels.

What do you think?

With Edits

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