Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Weddings, Graduations, and more.

June is a crazy month for our little household. We have two fabulous weddings to attend (well, one down, one to go), my graduation from the credential program (today!), and, to top it off, we're working at moving from an apartment to a rental house.

The wedding was almost easier to plan than this move.

When we landed in our first apartment, it was the result of a quick, three complex visit that led us to our final choice, the best of those three. Now, we have far more choices and far more time. We were operating on less than a week of time to make a decision about an apartment before the wedding, and now, well, we have however much time we need. It's a blessing and a curse.

The blessing is that we can be picky and look at lots of properties until we find the perfect one. The curse follows the same guideline. We aren't forced into make a decision, which means we haven't made one yet. I'd love to be settled in our new place, or at least moved into, by July so that I can get to work decorating, organizing and maybe even gardening. I also am desperately trying to not over-book myself, and moving in the summer, when I have lots of free time (hmm. so far? teaching career = good choice), means less of a crazy Sarah. Moving anytime between September and May, means that I'll be embroiled in a job (hopefully!) and from September to December, the hubs will be hard at work during the wine harvest, practically living at his job and only crawling home in time to kiss me and fall asleep. Not. A. Good. Time. To. Move.

I'm working on patience, always one of my weak points, but I'm also feeling anxious. We started looking in late April but couldn't commit to anything, because we would have had to pay two months rent for a couple of months, which would have stretched us far too thin. Now, it's the perfect time to commit, and the properties aren't out there. So, we wait.

And I pretend I know how to be patient, in the hopes that someday this will prove true.

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