Monday, June 14, 2010

After All That....

Ten Reasons Why We Renewed the Lease at Our Current Apartment

10) Despite the fact that the landlords in Napa brag about their properties like they're the kindergarten class valedictorian, the ones in our price range leave something lacking...often parking, or land to step on to after opening mysterious patio door in the bedroom.

9) Far too many have a strict "no pet" policy, and despite the fact that he is a mere 6.2 pounds, Marley still qualifies as a pet.

8) Moving in the summer is painful...and sweaty.

7) Our current apartment managers gave us only a week to tell them for certain if we were staying for another year or if we were going to take the gamble and say we could leave by July. We couldn't take the pressure and caved.

6) Our apartment is under priced for the market, and we actually couldn't afford to live in it if we were walking in fresh off the street. It's hard for a shopper like me to pass on such a bargain.

5) It feels rather nice to not have a new "project" right after graduation.

4) My MIL will keep visiting if we keep telling her we're moving -- she booked a flight at the end of June to come "help us move." She'll just have to have fun on this visit and then fly out again to "help." I wonder how many times we can get her to visit without us actually moving.

3) We have a pool.

2) And a gym.

1) And the number one reason? We're holding out for something awesome. And awesome wasn't on craigslist recently.

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