Friday, June 19, 2009

The Cat Left the Bag

I officially told my supervisors and coworkers that I am leaving my job at the library in about a month.

It feels good. I've got this huge weight off of my shoulders and now, instead of focusing on deflecting the multiple projects they wanted me to take on in the fall, I can concentrate on planning life post-library. And that mostly means moving, getting married, having a honeymoon and beginning my time as a student teacher.

That's right, folks.

I'm heading off to the gloriously fractured world of teaching elementary school.

And I feel so wonderful about my decision that I'm actually now getting through days at work without people "reminding" me to smile. I just smile on my own now.


MOB said...


ruby said...

Congrats honey! That's wonderful! I know you'll make a fantastic teacher!

brandyismagic said...

Good for you!! Welcome to the club! ;)