Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Wedding Wackiness

I knew going into this that there was a lot that would need to be done...and yesterday, I had a little bit of a meltdown. In my defense, I had a HUGE headache and was just feeling overwhelmed by the fact that I'd basically spent an entire day driving around the Sonoma Valley so that we could taste at one caterer's place of business.

My list just keeps getting longer.

Luckily, WG was wonderful and just let me list the things that were bothering me. He took my hand in his and just let me sit there in silence as he drove us back to our neck of the woods.

It's not all wedding madness - it's studying for the CSET, taking a psychology class that is required before I can begin any credential program, and dealing with the fact that I am at work 8 hours a day accomplishing none of what is on my list. Boo.

In good news...let's see what can I check off the wedding list:
Location -YES!! This was the big one, as you know.
Hotel for guests - as of about 30 minutes ago, I've confirmed that guests can get a discount if they book at a certain hotel.
Dress -mmmm, picked it out, thanks to a whirlwind trip to a bridal shop with my lovely bridesmaids and my mom. Now, I just need to find somewhere to buy it at a reasonable price.
Hair and Makeup - A silly little detail, but an important one, nonetheless. WG's sister will be doing the hair for the wedding party (she's a professional hairdresser...hurray for having helpful folks in the family), and a family friend is giving me a *slight* discount on makeup.
Flower Girl - My sweet little cousin and her bright red hair will happily bounce down the aisle as my flower girl.

Sigh. Just writing that list makes me feel calmer.

We're getting there.

And next? This weekend, WG's dad and stepmom will meet my parents. Let me now go and worry about that.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! You are ORGANIZED woman! I am so impressed with your togetherness!

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