Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Different Kind of Story

Last night, as I enjoyed a hot bath and a good book, Marley, my cat, sat beside me on the tub, as he tends to do (he has also been known to surprise me in the shower). He was quiet and drowsy. His tail gently floated in the bubbles, and he didn't seem to mind.

Until he fell into the bathtub.

He stayed in the water for a full 30 seconds before he realized what he'd done and scrambled out of the bath.

Marley stood shaking his feet, trying to get the water off. He frantically licked his fur, as if that would make him dry faster.

I got out, got dressed and got out the hair dryer.

I stood him on his hind legs, rested his paws on my arm and turned on the dryer, running the hot air over his sopping wet body.

He looked up at me with his wide, orange eyes. I kissed the top of his head and kept going. I could see the fur drying. He started to fidget, so I let him go.

I opened the bathroom door, and he sat in the hallway, confused for a good three minutes. While he sat, looking shocked at the events that had transpired, I moved the space heater into the living room. I picked him up, surprising a meow out of him, and plopped that cat down right in front of the heater, where he sat, until he'd dried completely.

Then, he came and fell asleep on my lap.

The end :).

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Lexiloo said...

this story made me smile!