Thursday, November 13, 2008

Real World Wednesday

I've been meaning to write up something since the election, but things kept getting in the way...things like finishing my book! That's right! I've got a full, first draft. Now, it's time for the tough stuff: editing.

Still, I've been keeping up with the world. I'm still on my NPR kick. I haven't given up on educating myself as if I were pursuing a graduate degree in life. After finishing both the Feminine Mystique and Fear of Flying, I'm moving on to Simone de Beauvoir (my academic streak had a little diversion into reading about the zipless f***).

But it's November, and the country is (mostly) on a post-election high. So, here's one big challenge for this week: what about/in your country are you most grateful for?

That seems just the right topic for the month of Thanksgiving :).

I'll start.

I am grateful that I live in a country and a state where I can express my views without fear of persecution.


Mrs. said...

I am grateful that I live in a country where there is a peaceful transition of power.

Sith Esq. said...

Sarah, I can't believe you said that. i plan on persecuting you for that! I for one am grateful for living in a country where I can persecute anyone for no reason... actually I'm grateful for living in a country that will provide legal counsel for indigent persons.

Parchemina said...

Hi Sarah,

I enjoy reading your comments about feminism from a Christian perspective that's a bit like mine. Feminists for Life sounds like my kind of organisation. I recommend "The Beauty Myth" and "Fire with Fire" by Naomi Wolf, and also "Manifesta" by Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards. Of course I didn't agree with everything they say (and I imagine you won't either), but their books made me think and also be grateful for what I can do now as a woman!

On a different note, I think I can identify with your ball game analogy for your relationship. If you are in a similar position to mine about a year and a half ago, I do recommend that you just enjoy things as much as you can. I am glad that I waited for my boyfriend-now-husband to propose when he was ready, because I found that planning a wedding was quite stressful and I was very glad that I didn't feel I'd pushed the timeline on him, but that it was something he'd wanted as well.

And finally, apart from being grateful for what I can do now as a woman, I am grateful that I also live in a country where I can vote for my representatives. Even if the ones I vote for don't always get in :)