Saturday, November 01, 2008

Just in Time

For a few years, I have long wanted to write another novel. The first one I wrote wasn't meant for the public. In that first attempt at novel writing, I worked through events in my family's recent history. The experience was therapeutic, but I didn't produce anything I wanted the world to see.

Since I've started reviewing books (the pay's not bad: free books), I have seen that my own writing ability certainly matches or beats what's currently on the market. I know that there's more to getting published than good writing, but I'm motivated, all the same.

I started to write a Young Adult Novel several months ago, and as I make my final push to finish telling the story and start editing, it just so happens to be November, National Novel Writing Month. I'll take the short weeks of this month to wrap up my work and ready the manuscrip for submission.

For the first year ever, I'll take part, though I know that my participation isn't exactly in line with the general concept of NaNoWriMo (to write an entire novel during the month of November). Here's to getting out what needs saying!

Happy Writing, back under your rocks!


Anonymous said...

How on earth did you end up reviewing books for money? That sounds like the world's BEST job!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, no no...should make that clearer. The pay IS books. Gosh, I'd like to know how to review books pay!