Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Real World Wednesday

Walk it Off!

Real World Wednesday has covered the topic of Childhood Obesity in the past, and a couple of recent news articles have me thinking on the topic of weight and health again.

Of look at the lazy characters on Wall-E also had its impact.

The two articles that got me thinking are these:
1) The new study suggesting that 58% percent of the world's population will be obese by 2030.
2) The WebMD article promoting the notion of walkable neighborhoods as a weight-maintenance, if not weight-loss, technique.

Most Pixar movies have a message. There was the whole scare shortage vs. electricty shortage of Monsters, Inc. for one, and Wall-E provides no exception. Though some blame the obesity of the characters on the collapse of Earth's environment, as someone who spends her days observing everyone from ages 4 to 100stare blankly at the computer screen, I blame the obesity in Pixar's latest on an over-involvement with technology and an underinvolvement with the surrounding world.

Non-walkable suburban neighborhoods not only require that people use their cars more often, but they also encourage folks to simply stay inside. If you could just walk down to the corner to pick up some fruit, wouldn't you rather do that than get up off your couch, get in the car and drive five miles away? Especially with current gas prices?

So, to avoid this plague of obesity, what can you do? Well, for one, you can advocate for sidewalks in your neighborhood. Write letters to your Homeowners Association, city councilpeople or mayor. Let the people in power know that your neighborhood needs change. Aside from just advocating for safe walk spaces in neighborhoods, you have to take up the charge and walk. Don't just leave this to those saucy secretaries and their white reeboks walking around the block on their lunch breaks!

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