Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Real World Wednesday

An Attitude of Gratitude.

Continuing on last week's promise, Real World Wednesday, in the month of May will be about gratitude.

Each morning, as I stay in my bed, grabbing onto to those last few minutes of peace before I launch into my day, I think of reasons why I'm grateful. For me, this turns into a prayer, and I thank God for all the blessings in my life before I start my day.

Each evening, as I pass happily into a well-earned rest after a (usually) exhausting day, I do the same thing.

I've made more of a point to do this, carving out time for myself, rather than hoping it will be there, and it's made a difference.

For this week, here are twenty reasons to be grateful.

I am grateful:

1) For ecstatic puppy energy when I got to take care of the family dogs while my parents are out of town.
2) For the opportunity to see my friend blossom into motherhood after a bit of a rocky start.
3) For the more and more frequent moments when I truly do love my job.
4) For two days in a row with one of my favorite people in all the land.
5) For traditions that change shape over time but still matter.
6) For fresh fruit! Big ole watermelons! Sweet, juicy strawberries! Runny, sticky oranges!
7) For cold mornings and hot afternoons.
8) The moments when I feel that I really and truly know WG.
9) For the fact that I am no longer afraid that WG will begin to read this blog on a regular basis and be upset by its content.
10) For A feeling of great anticipation at the thought of Daddy opening his birthday present.
11) That I have the luxury time to play video games.
12) That I have the luxury time to read books I want to read.
13) That my parents took the time to teach me the important things about life when I was small, when I was a bit bigger and that they keep on teaching me.
14) That my great-grandparents, grandparents and parents fought through the wars, the poverty and the need for education to set me up on a solid, stable foundation.
15) That the cranky baby stopped crying, even if just for a moment, when I was rocking her back and forth.
16) That the Democratic presidential campaign is almost over, and I can go back to reading other news.
17) For funny, detailed e-mails from my best friend.
18) For the realization that I have no desire to speed up time just to get to certain milestone events in my life. I'm perfectly content taking each and every step of the journey.
19) For swimming weather! Finally!
20) For good moods.

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