Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fashion Fix

Over the course of the next several months, I have four weddings to attend. Lucky for all of us, no attendees at said weddings will overlap.

Wedding 1 is the wedding of a high school friend.

Wedding 2 is the wedding of WG's cousin (yep, another trip for me to the Corral).

Wedding 3 is the wedding of college friends.

Wedding 4 is the wedding of a family friend.

So, I need a dress...or dresses if necessary. The only person who will really suffer from one dress is me...and my wallet...and my photo album.

I have this dress available (that's me on the left in the pretty black dress):

These are the options that I most want to buy:

My budget is $200 or less (preferably much less). I don't want anything with a jersey material. I prefer that the dress not be entirely strapless (it's sad but true that my otherwise perfectly lovely breasts are just not enough to hold up a strapless dress without frequent interference on my part...and said interference sort of taints that "ladylike" image I'm trying to project). Oh, and a good return policy if I'm buying online.

Any suggestions? I need a dress that will pass muster with friends, potential future in-laws, and long-time family friends. Oh, and something that will not simply wilt in the June heat in Oklahoma...or California, for that matter.


Anonymous said...

The last dress, the blue one, is STUNNING! That's my vote!

Parchemina said...

The blue one - I agree!