Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We're Gonna Keep On, Keep On, Keep On, Movin'

Yes, that is a Brady Bunch song up there in this blog's title. What, like you don't sing along whenever you here, "Here's the story...of a man named Brady..."

So, I have run a 5k. I have other goals that I wanted to meet this year, and now that I've completed a big one, I DO feel more prepared to conquer the world...or at least my own inate fear and laziness.

Up next? Oh, my dears, that is to get my collection of short stories edited and in a format suitable for sending to agents and publishers. Then, I need to send out a bunch of query letters to said agents and publishers.

And beyond that? Well, remember those photos I sent off in the summer to a card company? They sent them back with a polite "no," but I used that as motivation to speak with a co-worker who used to be kind a buyer with that same card company, and she gave me some great ideas. I've already put one of those ideas into action, and my photo stationary cards are actually for sale in a little local stamping store owned by yet another co-worker's sister. Hey, use those connections if you've got them.

Ahh, it's good to feel a bit in charge of my own destiny!

And...hey...look...I'm somebody.

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