Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Three Revelations

1) I love my job when I am not required to work with the general public. It's the not knowing just who will sit down in front of me and what exactly they will ask me that drives me a bit batty. Visiting schools? Count me in. Book club? You got it. So, now I need to find a library job that allows me to keep doing the stuff I love but lets me have less of the unknown entities and more of my weekends.

2) Marriage is not a solution to an uncomfortable home life. A third person in my middle school cohort group has just gotten engaged, and, like with a few before her, it's an escape from awkwardness. It's an answer to her guy not being welcome in his parents' home because of shacking up with her. I'm hopeful that, despite the negative circumstances surrounding the wedding, she'll still have a happy marriage.

3) WG comes alive when he's around other people. He craves social interaction, and, poor guy, we've been lacking that a bit lately. We had the chance to go out hiking with one of my co-workers on our mutual day off yesterday (hurray for President's Day!), and he was just...on...the whole day. I really must keep in mind that he truly needs a healthy balance between downtime at home and out and about (but still relaxed) time. It is amazing to me that I get to keep learning more and more about him as time goes on. As he told me after one conversation during which I got angry because he told me something I hadn't known before, "If I'm lucky, we'll be 80 and still not have run out of things to share."

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