Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Real World Wednesday

What The He-double hockey sticks?

A round up of the trouble currently surfacing in the world. And, mind you, known of this was listed in the "bizarro news from around the world." This is regular news.

1) Pollution has turned a river in China red and bubbly. It seems that we have entered a stage of degredation that choosing cloth over paper or plastic may not be able to fix. What can we do? This sounds like something the Peace Corps would have a hand in fixing. So, support the Peace Corps.

2) The Mayor of a town in Oregon was stripped of her title after she stripped to her skivvies for a My Space photo spread. Seriously, has no one learned anything from the political scandals of the past? There are several things you just shouldn't do if you're in office, running for office or at all concerned about your self-image. One such thing not to do is take your clothes off and post the pictures on My Space. Let's all remember that, okay?

3) More school shootings. What's going on in the world? Why are all of these college students going on shooting sprees? I don't expect anyone to explain this to me. I just want more of us out there aware of what's going on and, at the very least, praying that it stops.

4) An Ohio police officer was convicted of killing his pregnant girlfriend and the unborn baby. He got life with the option of parole after 57 years in prison.

5) A school district in Georgia will begin separating boys and girls in class. This is mean to curb teen pregnancy. Because, clearly, if they don't meet in the classroom, they won't ever think to meet elsewhere. There are pros and cons for co-ed and single sex classrooms, but preventing teen pregnancy doesn't seem like an obvious pro for single sex classrooms.

That's a Real World Wednesday round-up of what is actually happening in the world around us.

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brandy said...

I find #5 completely insane. I have so much more I could say on this one, but I will just leave it as " I find it insane".

Because if I start ranting about stupid people I WILL START WRITING IN ALL CAPS AND MY BLOOD PRESSURE WILL RISE.