Monday, January 07, 2008


What with power outages, thunder, lightning and rain, I had no choice but to stay inside my apartment all weekend, now did I?

Except for Friday night, of course. I stopped on my way home for gas and found it curious that the power was out at two of the three gas stations by my place, but I figured this was a fluke. Certainly, I would have power, right?

Wrong. I walked in to find WG trying to chop chives by candlelight, hoping against hope that the power would return at any moment and he could finish making his potato soup. No such luck. I had to console him with a bit of a nap and a trip to see the movie he's been dying to see, Juno (bonus Dwight sighting in the movie, for all of you Office fans out there)...we had NO. WARM. FOOD. TO. EAT., people. We had to get out of the house. I can't NOT eat hot food when it's pouring rain outside. So, we got our meal, entertained ourselves at Best Buy playing some odd animal version of tetris...and then went to our 10 o'clock show. I assumed that the power would have to be on by midnight when we returned.

It wasn't.

So, I showered by flashlight and crawled into bed (a bed heated by own personal heater -- sidenote, why are men like furnaces? they burn all their heat outward...there has to be some kind of scientific reason for this), hoping to find the power back on in the morning.

Hurrah! It was.

And so my weekend of gadgets and gizmos and games could commence! Yippee! I scurried down to the gym to workout to the sound of booming thunder, then scurried right on back into my cozy apartment for a day of Warcraft (I'm a geek and proud, gosh darn it), Wii and...uhm...I can't think of anything else that starts with a W. Mostly, it was Warcraft.

And that's when it hit me.

I always have this long list of things to do, and I try to to a little bit of everything each day. After spending five hours on the couch playing a video game, I realize it's all about quality time. Quality time, folks, means that I don't try to squeeze in half an hour of gaming, an hour of working out, an hour of cleaning...but that I spend signficant chunks of time on one sole activity. Maybe that's how I finally become an expert at something instead of mildly good at a lot of things. Now, that's not to say that I'd like that "expert" ability to be with Warcraft, but still, realization had. Moving on.

With the power back on, WG was able to make his longed for soup, and so, I left him in the kitchen for several hours. I didn't even once offer to help! Look at me not being all up in his space.

So, we have soup to last us to the apocolypse, and his craving was certainly satiated.

And then we nearly fell asleep playing Mario Galaxy 8 on the Wii (dang those stupid computer characters - Luigi is a moron and Toadette totally capatalized on that...). Ahh, living in the lap of luxury.

Sunday, more of the same, but this time, I made it a point to play Wii first, ah ha, so as to get in my quality time on the Harry Potter game. Then I cleaned the, some kind of quality work got done.

We finally managed to find my dad in Warcraft, and the men came and rescued me, much to my chagrin, from a bit of a...situation...I'd gotten myself into, and it was great fun to play that little ole game online with both WG and my dad. And, from what I hear, my dad got quite the kick out of being able to be a virtual hero.

Evening came, along with my odd little meal of bratwurst and rice (and salad...we must keep ourselves in good health, people).

And then I was back online, perusing the job descriptions. I've found (and applied for! woot!) one job I like so far, and I continue to be picky...but we had a little conversation like this.

Me: Do you want to live in upstate New York?

Him: I don't know anyone there.

Me: And it's too cold. Do you want to live in Maryland?



Him: I could do that...

Me: Wait, the job's in Baltimore. I am not living in Baltimore.

Him: Good.

And so the quest continues.

And then it was time for bed and a new week.

And here I am, at work on a sunny day, oddly craving the rain and, understandably, craving the weekend.

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