Thursday, January 17, 2008

Real World Wednesday/Thursday

That post about me being off-kilter, yeah, well that spiraled into a fever and my first sick day in a year and a half. So, Real World Wednesday is late but here just the same.


As happens from time to time, I'm stealing RWW to make a point about my own life that I hope will inspire/encourage others.

After reading the comments on the last few posts in which I've talked about my job, I realize that I may be giving the wrong impression. You're only getting the bad side of things, and even the bad is colored by my general sense of displeasure with my chosen profession. Reading the comments encouraging me to get out of my awful situation as, in stead, encouraged me to think about the good things.

Don't get me wrong. I am still on a slow and careful search for another position, but I must recognize the good in my life, as well.

Think for a moment. What are you grateful for? Have you told anyone lately? Or have you, like me, been swallowed up in your own complaining, forgetting for a time that there is good in your life?

I've complained about my job since about the second week, which is rather pathetic, and which means that I am to blame. I made the wrong choice. I can't blame my bosses for not suiting my tastes. I can't blame the moody customers (well, maybe I can).

So, I'm pausing. I'm taking a moment to breathe in and simply feel grateful.
  • I am grateful for the fact that I survived my own birth (and that was no easy task)

  • I am grateful for my education

  • I am grateful for parents who love me and show it

  • I am grateful for friends who make me be true to myself and call me out during my hypocritical moments

  • I am grateful for a man who loves me for myself and whom I love more and more with each passing day

  • I am grateful for faith

  • I am grateful for a steady job with benefits and the opportunity to help people each and every day

  • I am grateful to have choices and opportunities

  • Look around. What are you grateful for? What do you have in your life, in spite of not having something you might think you should have?


    Diane Mandy said...

    I'm grateful for parents who made me feel like the most special girl in the world. Kept my ego and strength up during tough times!

    Mommy of two said...

    Good Real World!

    I'm grateful for my children, that they are healthy and growing as they should. They each did not come into this world in the most easy of ways.

    I'm grateful for my husband, I'm not always the easiest person to live with and he does a great job keeping me grounded.

    I'm grateful for the blessings in my life with include a job I love, a family whom I love and they love me, a place to call home, and friends to laugh and cry with.

    ruby said...

    I like this, its great that you wrote it. I hope you do find that perfect job but in the meantime I'm glad you've got one that is decent and helps you keep balanced between work and your life.

    brandy said...

    This is so good. I'm stealing it! And have I told you lately how much I love your RWW?

    Parchemina said...

    Hi there! Just wanting to let you know that I'm still reading even though I haven't commented for a while. I think it is hard work being grateful and thank you for reminding me to do it. It's a bit like that quote you have in your sidebar (is that what it's called?).