Monday, January 14, 2008

An Open Letter to Myself in the Future

Dear Sarah,

It's 2008, and all is fairly well. You've gotten a bit more control of your life, are taking it slow with the job search and are not hyper-planning your life (well, you've been trying not to do that).

Here are some things you're learning at 27 that I hope you remember over the next few years:

1) It is not necessary to be stressed in order to be successful.
2) You can say "no" when you don't want to do something.
3) A weekend afternoon spent on the computer is not wasted; it is relaxing.
4) Your mother understands more than you realize she does about growing up, having a relationship and moving forward with your life.
5) Doing one thing at a time makes life much more enjoyable.
6) There is a job, somewhere, that does not involve people yelling at you. I hope that you have found that job by now. It is forgivable that you felt the need to leave what you once thought was your dream job (it is forgivable because you were an innocent and completely clueless about what your job would actually involve).
7) WG loves you immensely.

Sarah, I hope and pray that in the next few years, you have become even more comfortable with a peaceful existence, and, if you have, that you no longer crave anxiety.

I hope you have a few more recipes under your belt.

If you are reading this after you've had children, I firmly believe that you are loving them the best you can while remembering that your relationship with your husband should still be number one. There are those who may disagree about this, and this doesn't mean that you won't love and nurture your children, but don't lose your relationship in the pandemonium of child rearing. Or better yet, don't let your childrearing descend into the chaos currently de rigeur in California (soccer! ballet! theatah!).

I hope you have settled in a place outside of the Golden State.

I hope you are happy and appreciate that happiness as much as I've come to appreciate my current happiness.

Now, go, stop reading, go spend time with someone you love.

Sarah circa January 14, 2008

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