Thursday, November 15, 2007

Having a week, let me tell you...

So, Monday started out okay. I would get to go ice skating with Irene, then spend an evening playing with WG. But my intentions to get out of the house by 10 to get to Renie by 11 were thwarted by e-mails that required answering, a container of rancid sour cream that somehow never got thrown away, remained in my fridge and then tumbled and exploded just as I was grabbing my water and heading out the door, oh, and banging my knee on a pillar at the gas station, not being able to get gas at THAT pump, driving around to another, getting out and realizing something just wasn't right and then turning around realizing my hands did not have keys in them, because they were still in the ignition. Oh, people. This day did not start well. But it ended well, with happiness ensuing on the ice skating rink :).

Tuesday was a mad dash, slap dash laugh of a day piled with too many hours on the reference desk a quick ten minute meeting with people planning an event in JANUARY (do we really need to be that prepared?).

Wednesday started out with an e-mail from my mom telling me she thinks my dog's dying. So, I burn through the morning (saved only by getting to do storytime for 30 first graders) and hurry home at lunch to find that my darling girl's back legs aren't quite working anymore. She looked around almost blindly when I got there, but by the time I'd left (and she'd eaten some of my pastrami sandwich, her first food of the day), she was looking at me, licking my face and wagging her tale in pleasure. She's better...but she's 13, and the arthritis has finally gotten to her. Our other dog, her soul mate, our German Shepherd, is cleary depressed. He checks on her every 15 minutes or so, gives her lick on her nose and then goes mopes in another part of the yard, a big, moping 125 pound dog the size of a grown man.

Today, oh, today. I've been cleaning my apartment in preparation for being out of it for a week. I cleaned and cleaned all morning (having not gotten to play Warcraft last night because of cleaning), showered and ran out the door for another whirlwind day of work. Six hours on the reference desk, got yelled at by one customer, what was not on the reference desk spent getting ready for our BIG event tomorrow (takes place from I don't get a lunch break, but I do get to go home early), and then going back and forth via e-mail with a reporter who wants me to organize a photoshoot for Monday (his first choice was the week after Thanksgiving, but somehow three days from now seemed like a better choice) - that's what I get for whining that the newspaper was covering the other local branch more than mine. Oh, and by the way, will I mind MCing the BIG event?

Oh, and I got to be the worst girlfriend ever...what a plus. I was whining to WG via text that I was feeling stressed out and needed a virtual hug. His response? What's wrong? And, oh yeah, by the way, my face is numb. Why? I thought. Oh. Duh. work that I completely forgot about whilst being totally wrapped up in JJ (the dog) and the daily frenzy that is my work life. Yeah, I'm stressing, and he's had drill in his head. I think he had the worse day.

Tomorrow. I can hardly predict the wonders that will fall upon me as I run around like a lunatic buying pizza for the BIG event, setting up the room, introducing a famous author in front of 100+ people and otherwise trying NOT to fall on my face.

So, yeah, that's me, whiney, worried about my dog, anxious about Oklahoma (and cleaning my apartment like a crazy woman to prove it), and just overall ready for a flippin' vacation.


AKA said...

That is a crazy week and most certainly do deserve a vacation!

Poor JJ, it's so heartbreaking to hear about her suffering like that. And I don't think you're a bad girlfriend - just have lots of running around to do that has taken over your mind, which happens to everyone :) Hope it all works out well!

Mommy of two in small town USA said...

It does sound crazy, doesn't it seem like the holiday's bring more of those weeks around? I hope your dog is feeling better (I went through putting my cat down a few years back, he was over 18 years old) :(

Good luck with the big week-end away with WG's family - enjoy!

Sarah said...

AKA - Thanks for the encouragement! You'll be happy to hear that JJ got herself around the yard today...I think she might have had a little stroke but is now recovering nicely :).

Mommy of Two - Oh, my novembers are ALWAYS like this. Well, except for the running into poles at the gas station with my knees.

brandy said...

Dude! That's a crazy week, and I got tired just reading it. WAit, not tired OF reading it, I got physically tired thinking of everything you were saying you had to do. Okay, glad I clarified. Anyway, I hope that this next week gets easier and that JJ improves!!