Saturday, September 22, 2007

What We Share

So, T's dad and step-mom are in town this weekend.

It's intriguing to watch him with his dad, because they are alike in a lot of ways.

They're both too smart for their own good, but his father's intelligence has mellowed, and he doesn't tend to come off quite as cocky as T, though I think they share a preference for being right a lot of the time. But all said and done, from what I've seen, I won't mind if T turns out quite a bit like his father as he gets older.

T is a shorter, thinner, darker version than his father. T has dark hair and eyes and pale skin, but his father has strawberry blond hair and that skin tone that tends to go with that. When he forgets to shave, it becomes obvious that T has three shades of haircolor in his beard - brown, blonde and red.

But the faces of my boyfriend and his father arequite similar, and at one point during our meal last night, they sat across the table from each other, both with their fingers interlaced, resting under their chins, elbows on the table. It kind of freaked me out how alike they looked, right in that moment, but mostly because I've known T so much as his own person. He's seen me with family from month one, so he knows me as part of them, while seeing him as part of someone else is still a rarity for me.

In light of that, though, here are some things I have from my family, things I've either moaned about or come to appreciate. Generally, I'm happy with the genetic mix that created me.

* I have my mother's gestures. This could be environmental, but I also think it's genetic.
* I have my father's walk. This is pure genetics.
* I have the hands of my mother and her mother, but my fingers are bit longer, like my father's.
* I have my father's knees, ankles, hips, the whole gammut.
* From a picture of her when she was about the same age as me, I see that I also share my body type with my father's mother.
* But my feet are those of my father and his father.
* I have my mother's eye shape but the color blue that her brothers, my uncles have.
* I have my mother's mother's nose. I tend towards liking this feature of mine least of all, but I've come to accept that I look somewhat like a bird, and since people compare Penelope Cruz to a pelican, I'm okay with that.

*I have my mother's mouth, but a bit wider. I am also mouthy, like her.
*But I'm polite like my father (yes ma'am, thank you, yes, please)
*My mother's ears.
*My father's apple-cheeks that rise up and close my eyes when I smile.
*My father's hair.
*A combination of my parents' skin tones - my dad is Polish and pale, while my mother takes after her Italian and Native American roots and tends to have an olive tint. I'm just vaguely tan...not quite pale, not quite tan.
*My father and his mother's inability to tell a story right the first time.
*My Italian great-grandfather's curls (but just at the nape of my neck).
*My mother's dark eyebrows.
*Dark upper eyelashes (my mother), blonde lower eyelashes (my dad).

...and my very own laugh.

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