Thursday, September 20, 2007

Close Calls

They say things come in threes. Apparently that's true.

1) At work on Wednesday, I accidentally gave one customer another customer's drivers license when he returned a reference item. Chaos ensued, but all was brought to a satisfying conclusion when my boss (!) added an extra hour to her day by driving to one customer's house to retrieve the errant license. I brought her a box of cookies this morning in gratitude.

2) On the way home from a particularly fun evening of shopping with Miss Irene, I stop at stop sign near my apartment.

Sheriff's Deputies right there.


They flash their lights and follow me to the next stop sign, at which I carefully stop.

Then I turn left and pull over.

License, registration, insurance, etc. are handed over in the proper way.

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"

"No, I don't."

She tells me that I didn't come to a full and complete stop, I say, "Really? Well, I know I stopped at that last stop sign." What else am I going to say?

She takes everything, comes back, "What's that in your backseat?" (shines her flashlight over the blanket that's covering my purse and the Target bags).

I move the blanket, "Just my groceries."

"Okay. Do you work in (important law enforcement related department)?"

"My father does."

"Well, Sarah, just remember to make full and complete stops. Drive safely. Have a nice night."

"Thank you."

Whew. The end.

3) I got to work right at 12:02, of course after swearing to myself that I'll leave on time from now on so that I don't feel tempted to not come to full and complete stops. I look at my schedule and see that I'm not on a reference desk until 1! Whew. I haven't made anyone late for their lunch break.

Three close calls, the first two obviously on a grander scale than the third. I'm thanking God and making all kinds of promises.

Close calls aren't just close calls.

They're warnings to be more careful in the future.


Bre said...

Phew! Those were close, lucky your Dad has an important job! :)

Sarah said...

Seriously! I thanked him in person. Our plates are blocked through DMV, so if the cops take the time to run a check, they find out about his important job. I'm very grateful and will honestly try to be more careful!