Thursday, August 02, 2007

Questions To Occupy The Mind

...while I run amuck around DC!

1) Should your significant other be your best friend?

2) If yes, then is it okay to still have other best friends to whom you turn?

3) How do you identify yourself, physically? It's a weird question, I know. But there are those who call themselves "slim" and "curvy" or "like a beanpole" or "like a Boticelli angel." Do you think of your body in a certain way? I'm slim, I suppose, but I've never really thought about it until WG came along and regularly comments on it...

4) Do you believe that your wedding is for you and your spouse, for you, your spouse and your family and friends or simply a big ole shindig for your parents?

5) What's a tradition, cultural or otherwise, that you fully intend to have at your wedding and on which you will not compromise?

6) Whether or not you're having...uhm...relations with your significant other, what do you think of people thinking that you are?

7) Who do you think should be the Democratic candidate for President? Republican? Wildcard Third Party?

8) What's your big issue in the 2008 election (#7 and #8 apply even if you live in Canada...)?

9) I don't actually need anything, but try to convince me there's some new electronic gadget I should want (other than the Wii).

10) Would you rather blog unpaid and unfettered for the entirety of your blogging career, or would you like to have a little income even if it came with some guidelines?

Answers! I need answers!


Mrs. said...

Since you asked...
1) not necessarily
2) although I did not answer yes above, I completely support having as many best friends as one needs
3) full-bodied
4) you, your spouse, family and friends - with the "you, your spouse" making the decisions regarding "family and friends"
5) N/A
6) people are going to think what they're going to think, even if the specific couple specifically denies "...uhm...relations"
7) I'm still thinking on this, but, as you know, I do not believe that it will make much difference anyway
8) don't really hsve a "big issue," but, while I would like to see a government less involved with funding a ridiculous amount and variety of social programs, I would like to see healthcare as an affordable "luxury" for all citizens
9) eh...nothing comes to mind
10) unpaid and infettered - superfantastic - the only way to be

Mrs. said...

..and by "infettered," I mean unfettered!

brandy said...

1. I don't think so. Which, isn't a popular opinion, but I just don't. I guess if you have other best friends, or someone that you can confide into that is LIKE a best friend other than your boyfriend, it's cool. But just to have your boyfriend as your only best friend? Bah to that.

2) I'm with the Mrs. on this one.

3) I have no idea. I usally talk about how flat my butt is...

4) Hmm, good question. I think it's ABOUT you and your spouse, but it should reflect a celebration that you want your friends and family to participate in. I like to think that if I'm happy, everyone will be happy.

5) Lots of cake.

6) Ditto w/ Mrs.

7) I'm from Canada but follow American politics as a weird past time. And I'm still thinking on this. Really thinking.

8) The war in Iraq, is a big one but I hate for it to be seen as the only big issue. I think there's a chance that the 'war on terror' can scare voters into voting for someone who they wouldn't vote for if there was no war issue. It's my opinion that certain (ie. Rudy! Rudy!) politicians chances of presidency are fueled by such an issue.

9) Tivo? I don't have it but everyone raves...

10) Depends what the guidelines were. If they gave me some topics, I wouldn't mind. Sometimes my brain is a blank on what to write about. If it was like 'okay, 750 words, double spaced, no mention of anything controversial, sexual or exciting, GO!" then there would be some serious problems.

Bre said...

I'm currently craving a DS lite in pink, cause it looks so fun!

Parchemina said...

1. I don't know but I think it's a good sign if they're close to being a best friend. I think it's very good to have other best friends as well though.

2. Of course!

3. I'm slim too, and I used to think of myself as one of those real women who didn't have curves, but my boyfriend calls me curvy all the time, so that's been a nice discovery :) I do find it hard to know what to say when people say things like "You're so skinny!" though. I mean, "Thanks" doesn't seem quite appropriate...

4. I think family and friends are very important. If I didn't think it would make my parents sad, eloping would really appeal to me in terms of not having to organise things!

5. Um... I want to have a Christian wedding with a vicar. But I don't know about any uncompromisable traditions. I do want to wear a white dress though (see number 6).

6. I tend to just leave them to think that unless they really need to be contradicted. Plus I don't know how my boyfriend would feel if some of his friends knew that we weren't having that kind of relations. But I do think it could be useful to mention it a bit more often - I think it's good for people to know that not all couples are having sex.

7. I don't know. But I know that it will affect me in New Zealand.

8. What on earth is going to happen in Iraq. I don't agree with the war but I think someone has to clean up the mess.

9. No :)

10. Unpaid, because then I don't need to worry if I don't write for a while and can't think of anything to write about. I don't think anyone would pay me to blog anyway!

AKA said...

1) never having given the title of 'best friend' to anyone, i think it'd be nice for my significant other to be my best friend

2) yes, most definitely - who else would you complain to about him??

3) I think I'm mentally not confident enough to think about myself physically...

4) for me, my spouse and our family and friends

5) mine will be more or else a modernized traditional Indian wedding - I realize "modernized traditional" seems like an oxymoron, but we've got a lot of ceremonies before the wedding that are really fun and I'd like to keep, while keeping the guest list smaller than most Indian weddings tend to have.

6) can't stop people from thinking, although it doesn't concern them. Let them think what they want!

7) Still thinking about this one...

8) Social security and economy (outsourcing of jobs etc) and environment!

9) Apple's new iPhone - simply because it the coolest do-everything-you-can-imagine cell phone out there! That and this
because it would be fun to have

10) blog unpaid - having income attached would put unnecessary pressure on me to have to think of good posts and well, it's not the reason I blog :)