Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Best of the Answers

Unbeknownst even to me, I helped myself out quite a bit by asking those ten questions. It means I have a happy little post I can write while I process one of the favorite vacations I've taken in my lifetime (and, yes, that list is quite long, thank you very much).

So, the best of the answers you fabulous folks came up with while I skipped along in 90 degree heat so humid I could feel a layer of condensantion forming on my skin from the moment I stepped out the door.

1. The best friend/significant other as one person conundrum

Brandy said: I don't think so. Which, isn't a popular opinion, but I just don't. I guess if you have other best friends, or someone that you can confide into that is LIKE a best friend other than your boyfriend, it's cool. But just to have your boyfriend as your only best friend? Bah to that.

2. Having best friends other than your man.

AKA said: yes, most definitely - who else would you complain to about him??

3. The body type question.

AKA said: I think I'm mentally not confident enough to think about myself physically...

4. The intended audience for your wedding.

Brandy said: I think it's ABOUT you and your spouse, but it should reflect a celebration that you want your friends and family to participate in. I like to think that if I'm happy, everyone will be happy.

5. The wedding tradition you won't go without.

Parchemina said: I do want to wear a white dress

6. The not-sexing but people thing you are question.

Parchemina said: I think it's good for people to know that not all couples are having sex.

7. Presidential candidates.

Mrs. said: I do not believe that it will make much difference.

8. Issues in the 2008 election.

Parchemina said: What on earth is going to happen in Iraq. I don't agree with the war but I think someone has to clean up the mess.

9. New electronic gadget

I'm not sure how this awesome music playing showerhead works, but I want one. Thanks to AKA for the idea!

10. Blog for cash or blog on your own terms?

You were all pretty much in agreement that unpaid and unfettered seems the best way, for the most part, but in terms of possible guidelines, Brandy said it best: If it was like 'okay, 750 words, double spaced, no mention of anything controversial, sexual or exciting, GO!" then there would be some serious problems.

Thank you all for your comments...these were the random questions rolling around in my head before the weekend and it's rather reassuring to know that you just didn't respond with a, "Sarah, you're nuts." :).

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brandy said...

Yes! I love making people's list of great answers! I suppose it really is a lot easier to have a good answer, when you ask such interesting questions- so well done to you!