Tuesday, July 31, 2007


As recently as this morning, I was lamenting the fact that I've pretty much decided to go to a month-to-month lease. My rent will increase $120, but I'm not tied to anything. I've been debating, and the only conclusion I've come to is that I should have signed a year long lease instead of a ten month lease, but that does me no good now.

I'm getting a raise at work that will more than cover the $120 increase, so I can't really complain...and then I read about folks who are penny pinching to afford to buy apartments in NYC.

Those folks would certainly find a better way to use their "raises" than I can.

But I'm not trying to buy a place in the most expensive city in the country New York. Maybe it's my delusion that I'll someday live in a place where housing is reasonable. Or maybe it's my lingering exhaustion at having paid off my student loans and my car in a two year period and have, thus, very recently lived so frugally it hurts. But I'm just not willing to give up my Saturday Starbucks, or decent groceries, or a dinner out with Irene (although we are rather creative when it comes to our meals together).

Right now, having a life is more valuable to me than saving for my very own moneypit.

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Bre said...

Amen! I am a huge proponent of renting...especially because when things break you get to call someone to come fix them!