Monday, July 16, 2007

A Five Star Weekend

1. Friday. Watching the Giants. Even as they fumbled and bumbled, they are still my Giants. And I love them.

2. Saturday. Following a years' long tradition and seeing Harry Potter with my best friend from college and her boyfriend. Having my own boyfriend along for the first time.

3. Quite simply, realizing the joy that comes from no longer being a third wheel. All. The. Time.

4. Sunday. Doing nothing and everything. Appreciating that my parents have, officially now, been married for a (mostly) happy 29 years. Truly enjoying the moments of my life, including the glorious weather, the meal prepared by WG and a rousing game of Settlers of Catan (I won).

5. Monday. Having a real day to myself but still choosing to go spend time with Mama, Daddy and the dogs. Baking muffins. Being at my apartment to enjoy the shadows dancing across the living room floor.


AKA said...

I couldn't pick one day which was any better than the rest. Sounds like the perfect combination of all things wonderful in your life. Hope you have many more great weekends to come.

Bre said...

That sounds like you had a truly fantastico weekend! Good for you, you surely deserve it! :)