Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Bit About Her Life

I woke up this morning feeling good about myself, my life, my relationship and, you know, the world, in general.

Yesterday was one of the fuller days off I've had, but it was marvelous. I drove WG to the airport (or as I said to myself this morning, "I dropped him off in Oklahoma."). He's been ready to head back for a visit, and, quite frankly, since he mentioned this particular week about a month ago, I was excited about the prospect of him heading home to get his fill of family and friends. It would leave me time to spend the fourth with my little triangular family. This is the third time he's gone home, and it's entirely different than the past two times. This time, I know he's leaving with us on solid ground, and I'm a busy woman.

He asked me on Tuesday, "So, what are your plans for the weekend?," because, of course, he knows I'll have them.

"Well, the fourth with my parents, Thursday I work late, Friday dinner with L & J and Saturday work, Mass w/my parents and dinner with N, then I pick you up on Sunday."

He just smiled and nodded, 'cause he knows I'm not going to leave myself an open weekend, just to do nothing. And he also knew that, even by Tuesday, my weekend would be planned. They're actually planned through the second week in August, but who's counting?

I was so happy, yesterday, to just sit about the house, reading books, running a few quick errands to the pet store and Longs, where we ran into one of my mother's old work friends, who started spouting off the various injuries and ailments currently being experienced by other co-workers. After two minutes of the list of bizarre ailments (including brain impairment as a result of blood thinners), my mom looked at me, looked at her watch and gave out the excuse no one who really knows her would buy, "Oh, we've got to go, my husband will be wondering where I am." And so, we ran off on the remainder of our errands (with no further thought of informing my father of our whereabouts).

I also stayed the night at my parents' house for the first time since Christmas. I only live about ten miles away, and it's nice to go back to my place. But this was lovely, too. Our relationship is, perhaps, the best it's been since things got serious with WG, and I was happy not to keep watching the clock last night. We ate, we laughed, we watched our fireworks. This morning, I had a breakfast of strawberry shortcake with my mom, afterwhich, we took a walk around the block and continued our lovely discussion of all things relating to life as we know it.

I headed back to my apartment in enough time to start the laundry, take a shower, have something resembling lunch and get to work on time, feeling refreshed.

And now, for the, buried lead big news of the post.

I've gone and done it. Remember that hobby of mine that I tended to forget to mention on dates? That whole photography thing?

Well, I've gotten over the (only expressed in my head) notion that I mustn't sell my photographs because of the gallery showing that is, of course, somewhere in my future, and I've submitted nine photographs in a lovely black portfolio to a greeting card company. That's right. I drove them over to the post office myself.

My pretty little pictures are out there, all on their own, and I won't hear from them for another six to eight weeks.

Wish them luck!

p.s. I found this post from the exact same time last year. What is it about July that makes me re-evaluate my priorities?


rubytuesdays said...

Good luck with those photos! My fingers are crossed for you! Glad you had a good time with your parents!

Bre said...

I'm wishing your photos lots and lots of luck!