Wednesday, July 04, 2007

And I'll Gladly Stand Up Next to You...

It's the Fourth of July! And as some folks out there were ever so happy to celebrate Canada Day not too long ago, I'm thrilled to be having Independence Day...and not just because it gives me a day off.

Here are Three Beautiful Things About the Fourth:

1) My family's (continuing) tradition of eating barbecue for dinner and then getting Taco Bell on the way to the parking lot where we watch fireworks. I say, without sarcasm in my voice, that the Fourth of July celebrates my right to eat fabulously delicious junk food while watching beautiful, loud, dog-frightening fireworks and listening to Country/Americana Music on the radio. (the Taco Bell, my friends, is only on the Fourth of July). This year was no different, and it was a treat to sit with my mom, my dad and my two dogs and watch the show. We also were entertained by the adorable group of little boys (think four years old or so) as they did the play by play on each one, "Oh, there's a firework!" "I like the red and green ones." "That one was purple, though." "I like the Christmas colors." "Just so you know, there's no Santa Claus or elves or anything..."

2) It symbolizes the true start of summer around here. I know it's supposed to be Memorial Day, but it's not. And at 105 degrees, I'm now convinced that it's summer.

3) Singing "And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free..." at the top of my lungs as we drive home on roads crowded with others who have come from similar fireworks experiences all around town.

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Bre said...

Even though it was pouring rain... we still sang too!!