Friday, June 22, 2007


On the plane to DC on Wednesday night/Thursday evening, I realized that there is something oddly comforting about traveling. I am only responsible for what I brought with me. I don't have any extraneous things like my cat...or my friends. While I miss all of that, it's kind of nice, every once in a while, to only have a limited amount of space in which to live. I also lose some of my materialism when I live out of a suitcase for several days.

It's nice to escape some of the routines of my life and realize how simply I can actually live.

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brandy said...

It's funny, I just had a talk with a good friend about this recently. It's part of the reason I will forever love the airport (even despite all the problems it brings). There's just something so relaxing knowing that I'm not in charge of anything other than getting to my gate. Glad you felt the same way!