Saturday, May 26, 2007

I Heart Johnny Depp

In just over three hours, I will get to see the long-awaited third movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Needless to say, given the title of this post, I am, in a word, stoked.

I remember waiting in a loooooong line at a Burbank movie theater to see the first film with my then-roommates. It was probably the best movie I saw during my time in L.A., and it was one of the better outings with the roommates.

The second flick I've seen twice...most recently with WG, because he wanted to see it, understandably, before watching the third. The second time through, instead of being unbelievably long and somewhat boring (I think it was my state of mind at the time), it was quite marvelous.

My love affair with the gritty, grimey, odd man known as Johnny Depp most likely began when I first saw one of my favorite movies of all time, Edward Scissorhands, way back in 1990 (wow, Johnny and I have one serious long-term relationship).

Tangent: A scene from my most recent birthday.

Me: "Oh my gosh! Edward Scissorhands!! I've wanted to own this movie FOREVER!"


WG to my mom:"So, did she ask for this movie, cause we've been talking about it."

My mom: "No. It's one of her favorite movies. I just saw it and bought it for her."

WG: "Wow. That is fantastic! We have so much more in common than I first thought."

See, Johnny's so great he even helps my reality-world love life! Tangent over.

That love affair, while sometimes falling by the wayside for passing fascinations with Matt Damon and other pretty-boy actors of that ilk, I've remained mostly true to Mr. Depp. In that Christan Slater vs. Johnny Depp era, I was always in the Johnny Depp camp.

I've loved him through
* The Corpse Bride
*Secret Window (also a Stephen King story, how can you go wrong??)
*Once Upon a Time in Mexico
*Chocolat (swoon)
and all the rest (except maybe Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...).

Johnny Depp is old school, new school and his own kind of school, and I'm anxious for his antics as Jack Sparrow.

He's a marvel of an actor, and I just can't wait to see what Jack Sparrow is up to tonight!

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