Friday, May 25, 2007

Break from Reality

Vacations are only vacations for the people on them.

By that, I mean that that the world keeps going while we're away, and we have to expend a great deal of energy getting back on track once we return from our brak from reality.

I was away, had an absolutely amazing time at the Celine Dion concert (my mom's the one who shed tears...I don't cry that much, one of my many faults/strengths) actually learned something at Hoover Dam and even had the time to unhealthily roast myself by the side of the pool (I know, I know).

But it's Friday already, and it's the first day I feel back in my own skin.

I hit the ground running practically as soon as the plane landed. WG picked me up, dropped me off and went off to his side of the mountain for the last of his wine classes this semester. I ran out to take care of two sets of pets, had dinner and ran errands with a friend and then was back at work on Tuesday. Yikes! It's just been go-go-go, but not in a crazy, must make it stop kind of way, just in a normal, hey, my life is busy kind of way.

And I like that...

And I also like that after tomorrow's sure to be crazy shift at work, I'll have three glorious days off without a lick of traveling to do.

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