Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fan for Life

I am so in love that I need a pop song written just for me.

I am so in love, that I want to scream his name out loud and clap my hands and dance to the beat of the music on the loud speaker.

I am so in love, that I want to wear his jersey every day.

Oh, wait, you thought I was talking about WG?

Well, sure, I do love him, but, much as I love him, he's no baseball player.

Today, it's all about Bengie Molina.

Lucky me, I got to be at the Giants game last night! Yep. I was there! I was there when they scored 9 runs - NINE - in the sixth inning, and my hero, my love, Giants' Catcher Bengie Molina hit two homeruns in the inning. The first time a Giant has done that since Willie McCovey did that it in June of 1977. Almost exactly thirty years ago!

Oh, I love my boys, and being at the ballpark last night reminded me how much.

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ruby said...

woooohoooooo baseball season! I don't watch, don't play anymore but it means SUMMER!