Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Beauty of This Weekend

My mommy's birthday, Easter Vigil Mass (my possible favorite amongst all Catholic masses, when done right) and Easter itself. All provided ample opportunity for me to find beauty in the days...and here they are.

1. My mommy laughing, crying, smiling and otherwise truly enjoying her birthday week and her actual birthday-day. She was beautiful and happy and very, very loved. And we all got cake.

2. Steak, lots and lots of sugar, a walk with the dogs and two and half hours watching Matt Damon, Leo and Mark other words: Easter Sunday was a blast.

3. Saying we love each other with the lights on, not on a text message, and much, much earlier than the first time at about 2 a.m. Saying it into each other's eyes, when we can actually see each other's eyes, somehow makes it seem oh so much more real.


Ruby said...

That sounds lovely! *huggies*

Parchemina said...

I tried to comment earlier but hadn't logged in so I'm not sure if it worked.

Anyway, happy Easter and congratulations on the Three Words! I bet you couldn't sleep for a while after that text message :)

Sarah said...

Ruby: The whole weekend was *so* lovely and completely real, so I know I'm not living in some fantasy I've completely made up.

P: Oh, hearing the three words with the lights on and actually spoken out loud really did make me not want to go to sleep!

Mrs. said...

Having been there myself (well, not for #3!), I can comfirm that this was, indeed, quite the fabulous weekend!