Monday, March 05, 2007


This was one amazing weekend. It was the first full weekend since Wine Guy returned from his jaunt to Oklahoma, and it also happened to be a beautiful three day weekend for me (I'll be paying for it by working Saturdays in March, but it was worth it for this good of a weekend).

Friday night, we started out at Natasha's birthday party in Berkeley, followed that by meeting Jessica and Patrick (now known as Jatrick, or Pessica, depending on who you ask) at Citron, this semi-fancy brunch joint in Rockridge. I love Jessica, but it amazes me how much of a city girl she has become in the last few years. She's picky about her meals and her clothes and her purses, shoes, haircuts, boyfriend's car...

After Rockridge, we were operating on "magic Sarah time" and scurried down to Fourth Street for a quick bite of ice cream and then onto Emeryville to try to catch Pan's Labyrinth. Of course, magic Sarah time is neither magic nor helpful, and we missed the showing we wanted. That meant Wine Guy and I got to just wander and chat with Irenie for a little while before she scurried off to her own adventures. We did get to see the movie...more on that another time. Afterwards, we picked up groceries at Ranch 99 and came up with a yummy stir fry - I LOVE stirfry. We had fresh shitaki mushrooms, and some of these:


Mrs. said...

Enjoyed the pictures - which one is Needy Girl?

Sarah said...

she's the shorter of the two girls who aren't me.