Friday, March 02, 2007

How Sarah Got her Groove Back

Have you ever felt like you've stepped out of your own skin? There's a French saying that's something like "comfortable dans sa peau" (the spelling could be wrong) that means being comfortable in one's skin, being content to be who you are.

In the last couple of months with Wine Guy, there came a point where I think I stopped being comfortable in the quirky, weird, and dare I say wonderful, skin I had come to know and love and into something more passive, less bizarre, and far less entertaining.

Maybe it was his being away. Maybe it was my getting more sleep in the past months. Or maybe it was just becoming comfortable enough with him again. But I feel like I'm back in my own skin. I know and love this person I am today than the quiet, worried person I'd started to become.

Wednesday night, I plugged my speakers into my computer and pumped up my iTunes, playing a variety of songs including Christina Aguilera, Cake, Yolanda Adams, Billy Joel, Martina McBride, Jars of Clay, Pink Martini, Michael Buble and others that you wouldn't necessarily put together if you had the option to assemble a mix cd. I was in a silly mood, but one that felt familiar, one that felt more like my regular state of mind. I bounced around the apartment, singing, dancing, smiling, laughing.

Wine Guy said, "Do you do this often when I'm not around?"

I just smiled and kept on dancing, "I'm in a silly mood."

"That's okay with me!" He said and turned back to the risotto on the stove.

I stayed in a silly, fun, happy mood the whole night. In fact, it's days later, and I'm still in that silly, fun, happy mood.

Somehow, in the span of one week, this Sarah got her groove back.

And how...


Mrs. said...

Welcome home to yourself!!

singlemuslimah said...

Welcome back!

Sarah said...

Why thank you! It's quite a pleasure to be back....and it's rather odd how coming back to myself has so much to do with making sure I listen to music.