Monday, February 12, 2007


On a strange afternoon, where the rain clouds, the wet streets and the sunshine combined to make an eerie yellow light. On just such an afternoon, it was time to write my 501st post to this blog. Others have written far more, and more influential blogs have written far less, but 501 seems significant to me. This won't be my favorite post of all time, but I will remember writing about fish...

Today, I expected to spend the morning finishing a book, do some research for an ALA project, go watch a movie with my parents...I don't know, do my stuff. BUT, then Wine Guy took the day off, and that changed the whole scope of the day.

In the end, I got to do a little bit of everything...I got to dance around the family room with my mom, literally bouncing up and down to Barenaked Ladies (I've gotta tell you, bouncing around the family room is one of my all time favorite activities, and it's always a joy to have someone else join in with me). Wine Guy and I ate with my mom and dad, fixed their wireless router (basically involved rebuilding the network...why do I know these things?) and hung out for a bit. Then, we went shopping, Well, Wine Guy went shopping, and he finally bought the shoes he's been thinking about buying for the past three weeks. Hurrah! Now, he'll have new shoes in time for the second round of interviews at Hess tomorrow - hurrah!

Alright, and now for the fun stuff. We drove home, did our own things for a couple of hours, and, finally, made what might be the favorite meal I've made with Wine Guy.

It all started with his craving for fish...and launched into a simple but really yummy meal.

I made us some green beans - I boiled fresh green beans for about 4 minutes, drained them, and mixed them with butter, fresh-ground pepper and lemon juice. They looked and tasted quite good, if I do say so myself.

I picked up some catfish nuggets at Safeway, dunked them in egg yoke and tossed them in a flour/lemon pepper/red pepper mix, then fried them in olive oil. Wine Guy mixed up a caesar salad, and I put him in charge of the rice.

At the end, after a mere 20 minutes, we had our meal. We ate it with some sparkling blueberry juice from Trader Joe's. Dessert was ice cream - mocha almond fudge for him, berry sherbert for me. Quite a yummy meal!

Now, it's time for bed, time to think about entering the world again after three full days off of work. Argh...

Valentine's Day should be interesting. Wine Guy came back from his adventures with his fellow Cakebread interns on Sunday night and said, "I need to figure out what the hell to do with you for Valentine's Day." Yeah...I'm excited, especially considering he thought it was on Thursday.


singlemuslimah said...

You're speaking my language with the food. The green beans look amazing and the catfish nuggets sound amazing. That's my favorite fish. I totally miss Safeway but at least we've finally gotten Trader Joe's down here.
I hope y'all have a good Valentine's Day.

Sarah said...

Trader Joe's is AMAZING. You have to try the black truffle oil. It's only $8.99, and it makes a HUGE difference in a meal.