Tuesday, December 19, 2006

One of Those Mushy Posts...

(that seems to happen more and more often these days)

So, most people involved in my life in any way probably can see how much I feel for Wine Guy (although I might not bare my soul quite as clearly here).

After this weekend, and the conversations we had, I just feel even more that I am so lucky to have found him. I honestly believe that God put us both on Match.com and made sure that we met.

He told me yesterday that he's only ever liked one girl who liked him first, otherwise, he's always done the approaching. When I signed up for my most recent round of Match.com, I decided not to make any first contact, so he is the one who found me - a good move, apparently.

Wine Guy also told me about his failed crushes and miserable high school romantic experiences...and I finally felt like I was getting to know who he was before he "grew up" and became the outgoing, sparkling man I know. He thinks I don't ask any questions, that I don't want to know about his life, but I think it's better to let him tell me when he's ready. And the hour long story he told me last night was worth the wait.

I told him a little bit about my experiences in middle school, and he just hugged me, sighed and said, "We have a lot in common."

He continues to be amazed by how much we share, even silly little things like adoring the movie Edward Scissorhands and enjoying vampire movies (Blade, Underworld, etc.). And beyond the silly little things are the major emotional things like how we were treated by the opposite gender when we were younger, how we tend to get misjudged at first glance (though not necessarily in a bad way).

We're like a matched set, he and I.

And amazingly enough, that doesn't scare me in the least.


singlemuslimah said...

I'm so glad you've found someone. You and a friend of mine are starting to make me feel like I should give this online thing a shot.

Sarah said...

I really do believe you have to what works for you. I've tried a few things, including some faith-based sites, and they all have their quirks, but I would suggest you give it some serious thought and then choose the sight that fits with your needs!