Thursday, October 05, 2006

Do What Works

"I don't know about this whole Internet dating thing..."

That's the general response I get from my friends when I tell them about how I go about trying to socialize in the romantic sense.

Most are generally supportive and want details when I go on a date, but they remain skeptical. I'm okay with that...I'm skeptical, too. But, here's the thing, I have no where else to meet guys. I can't meet them at work (I work mostly with women, and the men who come in to the library are generally not, oh I don't know, sane?). I can't meet them at church (the men are mostly in their forties and up and married with kids). And to top it all off, my friends don't generally go for the idea of setting me up with their male friends. So, where does that leave me?

You can understand, then, that I was ridiculously relieved to learn that not only did one of my co-workers meet her husband online but that most of her friends date the same way. This co-worker is expecting a baby with her husband, so, clearly, things are working out for her. She's a real live human being who met her husband online. She's not just one half of a sappy testimonial, nor is she an actress in a commercial. She's real, and she's happy.

I may try the site she used (Christian Cafe), but, for now, I'm just thrilled to know that online dating WORKS for real people!

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