Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Sometimes, I think that it's a good thing that it's taking longer than I anticipated for me to find a good boyfriend, a good man to eventually marry.

I've stopped believing in the magical love that Romantic Comedies insist exist. As far as movies are concerned, I believe in the love portrayed in quirky films. Mostly, I believe in love songs. I believe that one person can feel what James Blunt feels in "Goodbye My Lover" and that Damien Rice has it right in "Cannonball" (courage teach me to be shy). I think it's possible for one person to feel so strongly about another, for people to be so in love that they are overcome with the kind of emotions that go into poetry and songwriting.

I don't feel that I've lost anything by moving beyond the Romantic Comedy. Instead, I've gained something. I've gained the belief in a love that can grow out of normal life, that extraordinary circumstances are not a pre-requisite for love.

That said, I had a very good date this evening. The guy...hmm what should his nickname be...let's just call him "The Intellectual." There. So, the Intellectual (though that's not an entirely accurate description, but in comparison to other guys...okay, yeah, let's go with that). So, the Intellectual and I had a coffee date. I got there earlier than he did, after a somewhat hectic and mildly traumatic day, and was happy to buy my little chai tea and sit down to relax. Buying my own drink also took away the inevitable awkwardness over who would pay for my beverage. He got there just on the cusp of my preparing to leave, but he got there. He didn't even say hi, he just started talking to me, like we know each other already, but not in a creepy way, no, in a really comfortable way. And then, we just stayed in the coffee shop and talked. We talked about religion and politics, which, they say, you're never supposed to do. I, however, prefer to talk about politics and religion early on, because they're important to me. And we had a good discussion, where we agreed more than disagreed.

He's smart. He's good looking. I felt comfortable and like he could protect me if he had to.

A good coffee date...and I hope that the Intellectual calls me again.

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