Friday, August 18, 2006

Something Fishy

So, here are all of the things that concern me about the Marine Biologist, all of which lead me to believe that I should not date him:

* His grammar was fine at the start of our online communication but has become increasingly worse and includes misspellings of words like "Caesar's Palace" as "Cezar's Palace." That's not a typo, that's...uhm...just WRONG.

* He asks for dates more than two weeks in advance (and with that much time in between each date), and that's just weird.

* He asks when to call me (after 9 p.m.) and then calls at noon.

* When I returned his call, he seemed, I don't know, irritated that I had called him (at just after 9 p.m., by the way) and then after establishing who I was, asked if he could call me back.

* In addition to not being the least bit happy that I had returned his call, when people answer their phones just to ask me if they can call me back, I get irritated. I'd rather leave a message than be faced with the false-hope of a phone actually being answered.

* He swears. I don't mind the actual fact of the swearing so much as the context. Do you remember when Ben Stiller was on Friends? He swears like that character, at wholely unexpected times, leading me to believe that he has some kind of a problem.

* In his e-mails, he seems really NICE and even states that sarcasm is a "turn-off" (which did worry me at first, since I'm, well, me), but in person, he's very sarcastic and seems to have quite a stash of bitterness and commentary.

* And most of all. I didn't feel comfortable around him. I didn't feel unsafe. I didn't feel ill at ease. I just didn't feel comfortable, and I like to be comfortable around the man I'm dating.

So, reaching back to the odd switch to poor grammar and moving forward to a rude handling of a phone call, I don't want to date him. And I don't have to date anyone I don't want to date, especially if it seems like he might very well have multiple personalities.


singlemuslimah said...

Run, don't walk, as far away from him as possible. He is NOT the one, not even close. He might even be crazy.

Sarah said...

...or, according to my mother, he might be married. Oy! In any case, yes, I am SO not going out with this guy again. Thanks for your advice!