Wednesday, August 09, 2006


...excuse me?

....uh, hi, is this thing on?

Yes, uhm, well, shy though I may not seem on a day to day basis, today I am somewhat, shall we say...sheepish?

Ooh, feedback on the mic, sorry about that.

Alright, so here we go...urm.

I didn't get stood up on Saturday.

Apparently the date was scheduled for this Saturday.

So, urm....sorry about that.


haylz said...

hehehee..... sorry I can't help it... ah I love you babe...

I'm glad it was all sorted out!

Sarah said...

And finally not being afraid, I actually wrote the guy and told him we should reschedule, since, DUH, I'm out of town this weekend.

He actually apologized for ME getting confused, and the date is now for Wednesday.

And I'm writing that in PEN in my planner.