Monday, July 31, 2006

Things That Happen When I Leave My Camera in the Car

Oh, I wish I had my camera in my purse yesterday afternoon...but then, maybe if I had, I wouldn't have seen the things I did.

So, I brought my camera with me, because I was seeing Jessica, and I haven't had a picture taken with her in...oh...about two years? We've known each other forever, yet never seem to be anywhere where a picture seems important. So, I needed to capture us at this current moment in time, before we're suddenly 30 and have only pictures of ourselves at 23 with which to amuse ourselves.

So, I did get those pictures.

But later in the day, I met someone new in Berkeley, and I didn't bring my camera. I wanted to, because I've been aching to take some pictures of the Berkeley campus, but I didn't bring it. I didn't want to take pictures of this new person, because I am somewhat...shall I say...superstitious about taking a picture of a new guy. I tend to no longer think the guy is cute after I take a picture, so it's best to let the "cute" settle into "dating" or a "relationship" before I take a picture.

But that means that I did not get pictures of:

1) The view from the top of the Campanile. I had never been to the top of the Campanile, because it was frequently closed as a student. And, oh, were there things to take pictures of. The bells, the art deco architecture...sigh.

2) The shoes. Okay, so through the course of this five outing? I don't know what it was, but we encountered abandoned shoes three very distinct times. The first was up by Haas School of Business. There was a single male's Teva sandle on top of a rock, like in this, "I conquer the mountain" kind of pose. About two hours later, there was a pair of lady's mary janes tucked neatly under a white picket fence on College Avenue. And finally, at just before 8 p.m., there was a pair of sneakers, complete with either a sweatshirt or a pair of socks, I didn't care to check, resting on a bus stop. These shoes were very interesting. I wonder if someone had set them up intentionally for people to find, as I imagine often happens in Berkeley, but in any case, I didn't have my camera.

But I did capture the images in my mind, and I suppose that's a good thing.

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